Interessengemeinschaft der führenden europäischen Flusskreuzfahrtreedereien

Association des principales compagnies européennes de croisères fluviales

Association of the leading European River Cruise Companies

RiverCruise Community of Interests

In order to represent the diverse interests of river cruise shipping companies, an initially loosely organised Community of Interests IG RiverCruise was founded in 2000 by three Swiss shipping companies. In the meantime IG RiverCruise has become a registered association with headquarters in Basel and represents 365 ships (90 % of the European market).


Tasks and targets of the Community of Interests

As well as representing the members’ common, fundamental interests and concerns relevant for river cruises towards third parties, IG RiverCruise sees itself at the same time as a contact and representative of the European river cruise sector.

Other tasks include the promotion and development of the image of the river cruise sector taking into special account the topics of training, safety and environmental protection and keeping in contact with organisations, institutions, umbrella associations and associations closely related to the sector.